The preschool years are an exciting time in a child’s life. Your child may be leaving you for the very first time, or moving from a day care setting to the school environment. In any scenario, it is a time of adjustment for your child, and of course, for you! That is why it is so important for both you and your child to feel comfortable in this new setting.


Little Lighthouse Academy was established to accommodate the needs of our community by providing a weekday early childhood education program for children two and a half to five years of age.


Our staff is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each child in the areas of spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. You will find a loving, safe and consistent environment at Little Lighthouse Academy where we will help each child develop a positive sense of self-worth through Christian based instruction. Your child will delight in learning about Jesus, language arts, math, science, social studies, art, physical education, and music at a level that is developmentally appropriate to him/her. 


The life of a young child is a time of wonder, curiosity, and adventure in which we all share. We invite you to visit us at anytime to share in your child’s learning experience. It is our privilege to work with your child each day!

Our Approach